1-way Remote Start

  •  Range up to 3000 feet 
  •  Includes two slim 5-button remotes
  • Model shown below: AS 1780
  • Pricing begins at $269, including installation
​2-way Remote Start
  • Range up to 4000 feet 
  • Includes one 2-way LED remote and one 1-way companion remote
  • Model shown below: AS 2382
  • Pricing begins at $359, including installation
Range Extension
  • Range extension uses your existing, factory installed remote start system
  • You can increase your range from 3000 feet, up to unlimited range with our range extension kits. 
  • Pricing begins at $189, including installation
  • Start, locate, or control your vehicle from virtually anywhere with your smart phone
  • Virtually unlimited range
  • SmartStart app is available for iPhone, Android, Windows Phone, and Blackberry
  • Pricing begins at $309, including installation
  • Smart Start requires an additional annual subscription fee of $70
Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Remote Start
  • Control your Autostart system using your factory keyless remote
  • Factory key fobs can be used for remote starting by pressing the lock button 3 times with an OEM remote start
  • Pricing begins at $189, including installation
For current SmartStart users:
 What is a Remote Starter anyway?

A remote start system is an electronic device that allows you to start your vehicle by remote control without actually being inside the vehicle or using the key. The remote start system supplies the vehicle with power and simulates a start just as if you were inside using the key.

 Why should I use a remote start system? 

There are many reasons that a remote start system can come in handy. By far, the most popular application for a remote start system is cold weather warm up. Imagine not having to go out into freezing or below-zero temperatures 10 to 20 minutes before going anywhere to warm up your vehicle. The remote start system allows you to simplify your life and take care of this tedious task for you. In the summer or warm days, a remote start system comes in handy to cool your car down before entering. Imaging not having to sit on a burning hot seat or touch a burning hot steering wheel. Remote starting systems are multi-functional devices that have many applications for private and commercial vehicles. 
 Will A Remote Starter Void My Factory Warranty?

This question is always asked when someone is inquiring about a R/S and there vehicle is still covered under the factory warranty.  The answer is "Yes" and "No".  Yes, only if the Remote start is proven to have caused damage to the vehicle.  Some Dealerships tell there customers that if they install certain products on their vehicle that they will automatically void their warranty! That is totally false and against the law.  Below is a brief summary of the Federal Law and rights as a consumer.

US Code - Title 15, Chapter 50, Sections 2301-2312 
Legally, a vehicle manufacturer cannot void the warranty on a vehicle due to an aftermarket part unless they can prove that the aftermarket part caused or contributed to the failure in the vehicle (per the Magnuson Moss Warranty Act (15 U.S.C. 2302(C)) .Service advisors that tell customers their warranty is automatically Voided if they add wheels, remote starts, fog lights, etc are IN VIOLATION of Federal LAW. 
 Will a remote start system damage my car's computer? 

Remote start systems do not cause damage on their own. Sometimes vehicle computers can be damaged due to improper installation of a remote start or from the connection of a particular circuit. This is why it is important to have an authorized dealer install your system. Remote start systems may be above the level of a do-it-yourself or first-time installer. If you are going to try a remote start, I recommend that you should be experienced and have installed alarms or remote start system before.
What's the difference between a 2-way and 1-way remote starter?

There are two basic types of remote starters on the market.  The 1-way and the 2-way. The 1-way can only transmit commands to the vehicle via the starter remote.  These systems work just as good as the 2-way but with one drawback, no start confirmation.  Here's an example:  Where you work, you can't see your car without physically walking outside to view your car.  You have a 1-way remote and you hit the start button.  You assume that its received the command and has started only to find out when you go to get into your vehicle it never remote started!  This is where the 2-way has its advantage, start confirmation.  The 2-way is able to send commands to your car and receive them back from your car, letting you know your vehicle has remote started!    The 2-way takes the guess work out of whether your vehicle has started.
How does the remote start system know when my engine is started?   

Remote engine starters include state-of-the-art circuitry that monitors your vehicles engine. Remote Starters use a  Tachless mode or a Tach Signal input mode. The installer of your remote start system can choose either method for the installation. The Tachless mode uses precise voltage monitoring to determine when your engine has started, while the Tach signal input monitors electronic pulse signals directly from the engine. Either of these two methods has been proven safe and reliable for remote starting purpose
 Can my vehicle be stolen when it is remote started?  

Remote Start systems incorporate multiple layers of protection against theft while your vehicle is remote started. When your installation includes keyless entry, the remote starter locks the vehicle while running; therefore it would require forced entry to gain access to the vehicle. Secondly, the remote start system includes a Brake pedal input reset circuit. In order to get your vehicle into gear the brake must be depressed. If the brake is pressed without your key in the Ignition switch turned to the ON position, the engine will instantly shut down. Thirdly, when using a safety hood pin switch, a remote started engine will instantly shut down if someone forces entry by opening the hood. 
 How far away can I start my engine?

Today's remote start systems include an Long Range on-glass antenna systems. These window mount antenna systems will allow you to start your vehicle from up to 500-1300 feet away. There are new FM models now available that incorporate special High-Frequency 2-way Paging.These systems cost slightly more, but offer the luxury of greater range and 2-way paging. With 2-Way paging, the remote control is also a pager that receives signals from the vehicle for remote start confirmation. There's no more guessing whether or not your vehicle has started when using these new systems.
 How long will my vehicle run?

This is usually a feature of the remote start system itself. Typically, the most common run times are around 20 minutes, however most models include your choice ranging from 15-40 minutes. Start times vary by model and manufacture.
Will the Remote start system control my power door locks?

Yes,  remote start systems can be interfaced to your vehicles existing power door lock system. Interfacing the power lock systems on some vehicles may require extra parts and labor so check  before hand to be sure if power door locks will be part of your installation. Interfacing the power locks to your remote start increases the overall safety of the installation because the unit will lock the door during a remote start thereby preventing an unlocked/unattended running vehicle.   
 My Vehicle has Power Locks but doesn't have Keyless Entry.  Is it possible to have Keyless Entry Installed?

Many vehicles that have Power locks but don't have factory Keyless Entry are great candidates for an Add-on Keyless system.   With a Keyless entry system not only can you control the power door locks, but on many vehicles you can also control the power trunk release.  If you want Keyless entry without a Remote starter a Keyless entry system is the way to go.

 Do certain vehicles cost more than others for a remote starter?

The cost of the installation depends on many factors, some of the factors are:  If the vehicle has a coded key which needs to be by-passed for the remote start.  Almost all new vehicles produced have some kind of coded key which is a anti-theft measure.  Some vehicles also might need an original key which would be left with the vehicle.  Another factor is if the vehicle has a factory alarm which needs to be disarmed before remote start. Probably the biggest cost factor is the difficulty of the install, some vehicles are very time consuming which dictates a higher cost.  
How long does it take to install a Remote Starter on my vehicle?

There are many factors that dictate how long an installation takes in the vehicle.   Vehicle make and functioning door-locks/trunk release are the biggest factors for how long the install takes.  The average install from start to finish is about 4  hours(functioning door-locks/trunk release installed), some vehicles a little more some less.  I want the install to be right the first time so speed is not a factor to me.  I solder all my connections for trouble free operation.
 You can purchase a remote starter from me if you wish to install it yourself. I can guide you on what bypass modules, relays or other items that might be needed to complete the install.   Only the brain will retain a warranty from defects if you install it yourself.  If you need any support I will try to answer your questions the best I can.  I'm not responsible for any damage done to the vehicle if you install  the product yourself.  I wouldn't recommend trying to install it yourself unless  you have some electrical and mechanical knowledge.
 Can I purchase a Remote Starter from you and install it myself?
EZ Auto offers a Limited Lifetime Warranty on Crimestopper/Autostart  control modules, lifetime  Warranty on Installation ,two Year Warranty on bypass modulesone Year Warranty on remotes  Warranty does not apply to misuse or damage  of equipment.  If equipment fails  under warranty it will be replaced free of charge.  The Warranty only applies to units sold and installed by EZ Auto.